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The Orders

We aspire to have a guild that allows its members to strive and to be the best at what they want to be.

If you wish to be a fighter be it as a Dragon Knight, Sorcerer, Templar or Night Blade then we want you to have the best Weapons and Armor at an affordable price, we can show you how we can achieve that. If you wish to be a Master crafter be it Weapons Smith, Armor Smith, Enchanter, Alchemist or a provisioner then we want you to be able to get there fast and we show you how to do that. We want a guild that not only allows you to be the best that you can be at what you want to do, but also a guild that you can call home in Tamreil.

Here is the ideal structure of our grouping, this is what we will strive for as a guild of 150 members that we hope to have.

We want 3 groups of 20 to make up our main offensive  troopers, and one mixed that will include all the rest.


Guild Leadership

Elder Marshal: Parsa2nd_               Order Marshal: Slappy0212

Order Marshal: AutoTron                Order Marshal: Ninnatt           Order Marshal: Pr0d1gyV2

It is the duty of the Guild Leaders to oversee all aspects of the Guild as a whole.  Leaders advise and aid the prefects and their orders organize guild traders and handle any disputes in the guild.  Leaders are also responsible for maintaining the website and online recuitment.The combined force also has a leader called Marshal, Marshal will organize this force for large warring or defending he will have all groups under his command.

Order of Stendarr
Prefect: Mart_mcd
Centurion: Kicker924

The queen's hammer! We will be highly focused on AvA, siege, battlefield strategy, command and control and large scale combat. There is room for all classes and types here as we need a large diversified force to handle many roles and situations. Our warriors are encouraged to level quickly and to learn all roles so that they can be used for whatever needs the order may have on a specific day. We will also focus on Ventran Level raiding and PvE to keep all memebers at the highest ranks. Please visit the forum for this Order under the Guild Forum for more information if you would like to join.

Order of Akatosh

Prefect: Darkmessiah-
Centurion: Surprisemthrfkr

A Magic ranged Order. We are the firepower of the guild! We will be experts on softening the enemy front line or secondary lines, and must look at how the battle is developing and bring in our firepower to either help our defenders or our attackers where needed. Please visit the forum for this Order under the Guild Forum for more information if you would like to join.

The Dark Souls
Prefect: Snakey456
Centurion: Lissette069

Rarely seen often feared, A balanced scout force with fast counter attack option. We are everywhere on the battlefield, as a versitile task force we train in close and ranged combat and sneak in the shadows.  We do it all, scout enemy positions, attack and disrupt reinforcements, flank enemy siege positions, join the Councillors in the main attack force, and aid the Guards with longe range wall defense (bow and siege).  Please visit our Order page to start the application process. http://darksouls.guildlaunch.com

The Guards
Prefect: Hunterstorm18201
Centurion: Enyora
Centurion: Kali-ma

This will be one large force of 30 or more who will be a mix bag of all the classes, this group will be our main force for defense, but can be used for attacks as well,This is where all new recruits start, unless head hunted.

This force is the pool from which the specialized forces can recruit members from when needed, this force will have one Prefect and two Centurions.

The Elites
Centurion: H8me_Tito

This Order is for those of the guild who have proven themselves as the best of the best, primarily focusing on PvP and Trials.


Ayrenn Artisans

Queens Artisan: Spartin53

This Order is open to all who wish to become master crafters in their school of choice.We will organize and maintain a logistics and trading strategy that will rain the riches of Tamriel upon us all. 


The above groups will have one leader each called Prefect and one second leader called Centurion. These leader are in charge of their perspective forces, they can hire and fire them from the force, but not the guild, with good reason, they can war with them and group them for skirmish. 

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