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Charter of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Loyalty to the Guild is a must and it will come first both in game and on the site.

All members are required to be courteous and respectful towards each other, even in times of dispute. Disputes should be resolved by members, if not then it should be referred to a leader for mediation, the leaders decision will be final.

Prolonged inactivity in game will cause dismissal. We accept casual players and different Orders have differing activity requirements but try to play with the Order that suits your play style.

Racism, sexism, bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

All members are required to follow the instructions within the game given by their Order and guild leaders.

Our forums are for the purpose of game discussions and information, please do not use the forums for spamming. Forum abuse is grounds for removal.

Order leaders must be active, they must have a vision for their orders and they must train their members in times of peace,They are also to be members of this guild only, we can not have Leaders with split time and loyalty.

Members will have access to the Queens Artisans for equipment and crafted needs.

All members MUST gather resources and bring depost regularly into the guild bank. gathering activity is always the secondary task of guild members in order to keep the guild well supplied.

Every prefect has admin ranking on the site. They are expected to maintain their Order page within the site and moderate their specific group forums.

The marshal position is for over all groups, they are incharge of their Order and Elite forces, for larger efforts they will direct their armies, they will ask the Order and Elite leader to carry out missions as they see fit,

Order and Elite leaders can war by themselves when we are not engaged in larger efforts.

The Centurions are second incharge of Orders they will have a Moderator status on the web site.

Centurions are also incharge of  their Order and must be capable of looking after all affairs of their Order, they also must be included in the strategy and structure of their Orders.


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