Rapid Raid
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The Guards
Prefect: Hunterstorm18201
Centurion: Enyora
Centurion: Kali-ma

All non hardcore PVP players will be here, however this is a very important Order for us, It is the home of all casual players, PVE players, crafters and traders who don't want to fight on regular bases and all new member who wish to join our more PVP oriented Orders.

So the leaders of this Order are tasked to create a training Regime that will lvl up the players who wish to move on, they are also expected to Fight in keep battles, in both offence and defence.

This is where all start as Ayrenn Councillors, the number of this group will wary as the Orders will make up their nos from our members here, To progress to an order members must show willingness to grow and be willing to master the art of fighting, regardless of your class all orders will have a use for all the class types, so have a look at our three orders pages see their structure and if happy then apply to one of their leaders and you shall be considered according to your merit.

As the game progresses we will then create 4 elite forces and they will be pulled from the order members, so there is allot of room for progress within our Guild.

However there will be those who wish to be part of a less disciplined group or wish to be Crafters or traders only and that is fine, then this will be your main fighting group. This group will be mainly a defensive group to Defend the keeps but may be used for larger attacks.

This Group will have one Prefect and two Centurion leaders 

The leaders are welcome to war as they like but will be called upon when needed for larger efforts.

please shape this page to reflect you as a group.

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