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Order of Stendarr

Prefect: Mart_mcd
Centurion: Kicker924

As the queen's sword the Councilors will be heavily focused on battle field training and discipline. The Order of Stendarr will all become masters of dynamic battlefield strategy and purposeful build theory craft to maximize group effectiveness and versatility. We will hold regular training events for current and non-order members seeking to belong in order to create the best soldiers available. We will also be forming VR content raids and events as the time comes and members should always be available for grouping unless expressly needed in AvA. Whereas the zerg forces of the Prophet and Guard Orders will keep the enemy engaged and occupied the Councilors will be engaging in more strategic warfare utilizing area denial and command and control tactics to maximize battlefield advantage and lock down engagements. We will also be heavily focused on siege training and tactics.

This Order is going to be a well trained main battle unit, in most battles we will be at the heart of it, when enemy lines are broken then it will be us pushing through. Responsable for high value defence and offence often times in the face of a much larger zerging force. Skill, battlefield awarness and coperative play knowledge will be what takes the field for us.

Attendance Requirement:
Order members are expected to participate in group play of some kind AT LEAST once every two weeks (subject to change). The roster will be trimmed on occasion based on activity and non-participating members will be pushed in the Order of 

The success or fails of any MMO game always comes down to the community and it handles itself. We want ESO to be around for years to come and we encourage all members to take a positive role in the community online and in game. More experienced players should always make themselves available in game to help people. Everyone is expected to maintain a positive environment and outright argument and disrespect between members will not be tolerated. We are here to help pick each other up, not to laugh when one of us falls. If you consistently have an issue with another guild member bring it up to an admin member and we will try to help resolve if possible. Never take harsh recourse in any guild facing chat/forum. There are several facilities provided on the website and in chat to log a complaint. Most of all we are all here to have fun, never forget that.


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