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Order of Akatosh

Prefect: Darkmessiah-
Centurion: Surprisemthrfkr

A Magic ranged Order, these guys must be fast and have allot of fire power to bare on our foes, they will be experts on softening the enemy front line or secondary lines, they must look at how the battle is developing and bring in their fire power to either help our defenders or our attackers where needed.

This is our Order, we will be the source of inspiration for the Dominion, We are The real Fire power of this Guild, It will be mostly from our Order that the Elite Death Dealers will be chosen, We are the Queens right hand.

If you wish to join an Order that will train you to fight effectively from distance, to hold your ground where needed and to inflict heavy damage to the enemy forces then this is the Order for you, you will be trained in cooperative warring, to attack enemy forces where needed in both offense and defensive play, to give cover and soften targets engaged with other Orders, to see the patern of war and bring to bare your fire power efectively, you get to learn to read the battle and react accordingly.

Order Requirements, 20 members.

We are looking for 10 Sorcerers,6 Dragonknights, and 4 Templars. All 20 members must have a DPS set! 4 of the members must have a healer spec, and 6 members (Dragonknights, Templars, or Sorcerers) must have a tank spec as a secondary spec. When we aren't with the whole guild, or when we are out on our own, we will need some tanks and healers to keep us alive whether we are capturing a keep, or doing PvE.

The dragonknights and templars are to give protection to the sorcerers as they will attact attention, they can also join in battle where needed and therefore, they must have combined defensive and offensive skills. They can also work with the sorcerers to kill any close by enemy combatants.

We will have weekly training, training will include PvP and PvE, we will do regular raiding and ambushes, we will have an updated monthly roster of events that you can sign up for, the expectation is that you do your best to lvl up. Members can also hold regular smaller warring and raiding to train outside the rostered events, but we must be watchful of our resources we will be asking for a minmum of 100 Soul gems in reserve for this order.

So if this is what you have been waiting for then sign up, we want you here as the Queens right hand!

May your Enemies heart tremble at the sight of your fury.

Akatosh... the Dragon God of Time, represents the qualities of Endurance, Invincibility and Everlasting Legitimacy.
Warring for the Ruby Throne, the Order of Akatosh will strike.  Combining our Skill and Magic for Queen Ayrenn!  

As Councillors we are here to help each other become the best of the Dominion.  When Order Marshal calls: We Answer. 

-Blessings of Akatosh-

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